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Past and Current Endorsements


Association of Washington Business
Farm Bureau PAC
Far West Agribusiness Association
Gun Owners Action League of Washington
Human Life PAC
McDonald’s PAC
National Federation of Independent Businesses
National Rifle Association – PVF A+ Rated
Physical Therapy Association of Washington
Washington Affordable Housing Council
Washington Dairy PAC
Washington Food Industry Association
Washington Refuse & Recycling Association
Washington Retail Association
Washington State Veterinary Medical Association PAC

Elected Officials

Jim Ackerman – Mayor of Nooksack
Bob Bromley – Mayor of Sumas
Sam Crawford – Whatcom County Council
Doug Ericksen – State Senator, 42nd Dist
Brent Goodrich – Ferndale City Council
Gary Jensen – Mayor of Ferndale
Andy Jewell – Everson City Council
Kathy Kershner – Former Whatcom County Council
Bill Knutzen – Former Whatcom County Council
Scott Korthuis – Mayor of Lynden
Rob McKenna – Former Washington Attorney General
Jon Mutchler – Ferndale City Council
John Perry – Mayor of Everson
Harry Robinson – Mayor of Blaine


Laurence Alff – Bellingham
Roger Almskaar – Bellingham
Art and Marcia Anderson – Everson
Carolyn Anderson – Blaine
Ellen Baker – Glacier
Alvin and Donna Bajema – Lynden
Roger and Ruth Bajema – Lynden
R Baxter – Bellingham
Larry Beatty – Custer
George Berkompas – Ferndale
Jan Biederstadt
John and Arlis Bosman – Lynden
Andy and Anna Brim – Bellingham
Jill Brown
Dave and Kathy Buys – Custer
Dennis and Jane Buys – Custer
Shannon and Denise Buys – Coupeville
Gordon and Florine Buys – Grand Rapids
Tyler Byrd – Bellingham
Arvilla Corey – Deming
Penny Cowan – Bellingham
Gary and Terry Cox
William Cox – Bellingham
Charlie and Karolyn Crabtree – Bellingham
Nicholas and Judy Criscuola – Bellingham
Tony Cubellis – Bellingham
Naida Deitsch – Bellingham
Dick Donahue – Bellingham
James Dotinga – Ferndale
Chet and Joan Dow – Bellingham
Cornelia Drost – Lynden
Karen Duddlesten – Bellingham
Joe Elenbaas – Bellingham
Mike Enright – Blaine
R. Perry Eskridge – Bellingham
AnnaMae Ferguson – Lynden
John and Mimi Ferlin – Bellingham
Robert and Mary Ann Filippini – Deming
Elliott and Nora Fine – Bellingham
Clyde and Mary Lou Fisher – Lynden
Bill and Ruth Geyer – Bellingham
Ron Gienger – Lynden
Sylviana Gilfillan – Lynden
Gene and Yvonne Goldsmith – Ferndale
Dusty Gulleson – Bellingham
Lyle and Patricia Hand – Bellingham
Duane and Marlys Hansen – Ferndale
Shirley Harding – Everson
Mark and Kristi Harting – Ferndale
Jim Heeringa – Sumas
Richard and Nancy Hempler – Blaine
Ron and Karen Hendricks – Lynden
William and Carol Henshaw – Bellingham
Barry Hofford – Sumas
Robert and Mary Jane Holt – Everson
Fred Holton – Blaine
Sandi Howard – Bellingham
Stephen Intveld – Bellingham
John and Kathy Kershner – Bellingham
Elinor King – Ferndale
Steve and Mary Ann King – Lynden
Thomas and Cheryl Koonsman – Bellingham
Ken and Esther Korthuis – Lynden
Helen Kratz-Hudson – Bellingham
John Kroontje – Lynden
Philip Kornelis – Everson
Gene Kurz – Bellingham
Butch and Polly Kvamme – Everson
Kent and Ramona Lambert – Bellingham
Dave and Joyce Langley – Bellingham
Gary and Cristi Lysne – Bellingham
Bill and Pam Means – Bellingham
Aaron McCombs – Lynden
Don and Charleen McKay – Ferndale
Jeff and Merle McKay – Ferndale
Dwayne and Carol Molendyk – Lynden
Terry Montonye – Bellingham
Linda Morrell – Bellingham
Lance and Marlene Nelsen – Ferndale
Mark Nelson – Bellingham
Lorraine Newman – Bellingham
Kurt and Carol Nickel – Blaine
Dick and Geri Nydam – Lynden
Thomas and Marilyn Olsen – Bellingham
Candys Plagerman – Everson
Ray Radke – Ferndale
Paul Sadler – Bellingham
Mike and Deanne Schoneveld – Ferndale
Alden and Jane Sievers – Bellingham
Jordan Slagle – Lynden
Gary and Annetta Small – Lynden
Robert and Debbie Smit – Lynden
Monty Smith – Ferndale
Orphalee Smith – Bellingham
Larry and Debbie Stap – Lynden
Ron and Linda Starkenburg – Lynden
Ken and Jan Stremler – Lynden
Jim Swartos – Lynden
Bob and Becki Taylor – Bellingham
Rick and Joan Vander Giessen – Lynden
Jason and Debbie Vander Veen – Everson
Gaylon and Joanne Vander Yacht
Steve Vander Yacht – Lynden
Larry and Luanne Van Werven – Lynden
John and Loi Walton – Bellingham
Quinn Wiebe – Blaine
Bonnie Wiesen – Ferndale
Robert and Alicia Wurm – Lynden